ATL Berkshire 200 Τηλέφωνο DECT Γκρι


(ATL Berkshire 200 Light Grey)

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  • MPN: 1/340/003/8XX
  • Γρήγορος Κωδικός: B842487
  • Κατασκευαστής: ATL
  • EAN code:
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ATL Berkshire 200 Τηλέφωνο DECT ΓκριBerkshire 200, MF Dialling, Grey

The Berkshire 200 from ATL Telecom is our entry level feature rich business telephone that offers a host of benefits never before seen in this segment of the telecom marketplace. It comes complete with a 10 year warranty and its features are common throughout all four models of the new Berkshire range.

Whether for reasons of health and safety, or for simply keeping your hands free, the use of a headset is seen by many employers as a 'must have' requirement for its people. The headset port fitted as standard is compatible with all major brands of headset.

A modem port allows quick and convenient connection when sharing your telephone line with a computer.

Also common with all new Berkshire models come the choice of linecord connection. Two linecords arrive with each telephone for either the standard UK socket (BS6312) or CATEGORY 5 installations requiring RJ45 connections.

Don't keep your customers waiting! The Berkshire family of telephones can all be set to indicate the presence of a voicemail message waiting to be retrieved from your central switch.