Perfect Green PERCLP320C Laser cartridge 1000σελίδες Κυανός


(Κυανό) (PGH5 Samsung CLTC4072 Cyan Reman Toner)

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  • Γρήγορος Κωδικός: B1656401
  • Κατασκευαστής: Perfect Green
  • EAN code:7612735178799
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Perfect Green PERCLP320C Laser cartridge 1000σελίδες Κυανός (Κυανό)Samsung CLP320 Cyan Compatible Laser Toner Cartridge 1000 pages

Compatible toners have come a long way over these last few years to an extent where they can produce print of equal quality to that of the manufacturer’s original product usually with a considerable cost saving. Furthermore, and to some even more importantly, they are more Eco-Friendly as we re-use the plastics casings meaning that there is a significant reduction in the manufacturing process cutting down on the amount of oil used in the machinery.