Socket Mobile AC4094-1670 MP3/MP4 player Μαύρος


(Μαύρο) σταθμός σύνδεσης κινητών συσκευών (AC4094-1670 DuraCase & Charge - iPod Touch 5th/ 6th gen)

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€163.95 | €196.74 συμπ. ΦΠΑ

  • MPN: AC4094-1670
  • Γρήγορος Κωδικός: B4272043
  • Κατασκευαστής: Socket Mobile
  • EAN code:
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Socket Mobile AC4094-1670 MP3/MP4 player Μαύρος (Μαύρο) σταθμός σύνδεσης κινητών συσκευώνDuraCase & Charging Dock for 800 Series Scanners - iPod touch 5th/6th Generation

Introducing, additional protection for our 800 Series scanner without compromising the convenient small size of your handheld device. The DuraCase fits like a rubberized glove, meshing your scanner and mobile into one device, charging as one simultaneously.

DuraCase is designed for on-the-go workforces that want handheld devices in their mobile field. Running around to get orders done and meet customers’ demands inevitably leads to slipups, meeting dirt and germs while on the job. With the DuraCase’s Elastomeric (rubber) casing and antimicrobial material, you can prevent scratches and bacteria from tainting your scanner or mobile device.

Ideal for mobile workers who are looking to use a handheld device and scanner, protect their devices, and prefer the convenience of a single charging device