TomTom Adventurer Bluetooth Μαύρος


(Μαύρο), Πορτοκαλί αθλητικό ρολόι (TOMTOM Adventurer Cardio+Music ORA)

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  • MPN: 1RKM.000.00
  • Γρήγορος Κωδικός: B4247514
  • Κατασκευαστής: TomTom
  • EAN code:0636926084864
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TomTom Adventurer Bluetooth Μαύρος (Μαύρο), Πορτοκαλί αθλητικό ρολόι144x168, Bluetooth, GPS, 40 m / 130 feet (5 ATM), 55g.

Outdoor Sports Modes
With special modes for hiking, trail-running, skiing and snowboarding, you can elevate your outdoor adventures.

Built-in Heart Rate Monitor
Track your pulse without a chest strap using the built-in heart rate monitor.

GPS, Compass and Barometer Tracking
See real-time info like altitude, 3D distance, speed and pace on your wrist.

Wireless Syncing
Sync your watch wirelessly with your favourite apps, including Nike+, Strava, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper and Training Peaks.

Water Resistant to 40m (5 ATM)
Swim the lake, take on the rapids, or push yourself to finish an extra lap in the pool.

Trail exploration
Plan and discover new routes with confidence and find your way back to the start.

Get started faster with quicker GPS reception.

Social sharing
Celebrate your success with friends. Share your adventures online.

Race Mode
Select one of your past performances to race against.

24/7 Activity Tracking
Capture your heart rate, steps, active minutes, and calories burned throughout the day.

5 Heart Rate Training Zones
Training in 5 different heart rate zones helps you get results faster.

Audio Performance Feedback
Push yourself with audio feedback on your performance.

Automatic Lift Detection
See the max speed, descent and max gradient of your last ski or snowboard run as you go up the lift.

Automatic Sleep Tracking
Track your sleep patterns and know if you're getting the sleep you need.

Built for the wild
Built tough to stand up to all your outdoor adventures.

Customisable Straps
Switch watch straps to fit your kit or match your mood.

Goal Setting
Challenge yourself to a daily or weekly target. Steps, calories, distance or active time. Set your goal and track your progress.

Indoor Training Mode
Track your performance on the treadmill or in the gym.

Integrated Music Player (3 GB)
Explore with music, not with your phone.

Interval Training
Improve speed and fitness with work-rest sessions.

Long Battery Life
With over 10 hours of power on all Sports modes, and over 20 hours in Hiking Mode, the battery stays the course as long as you do.

Multiple Sports Mode
Hike or bike, swim or gym, ski or run free - track all your sports indoor and out.

One-Button Control
Navigate easily through menus with a single button.