Trendnet Luxriot VMS Enterprise



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  • MPN: TV-VMS999
  • Γρήγορος Κωδικός: B1594268
  • Κατασκευαστής: Trendnet
  • EAN code:0710931110098
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Trendnet Luxriot VMS EnterpriseLuxriot VMS Enterprise (unlimited channels)

TRENDnet Luxriot VMS Enterprise software, model TV-VMS999, offers industry leading camera management functionality. It supports all TRENDnet cameras and over 1,300 other cameras from over 80 camera brands . TV-VMS999 is compatible with Windows and Windows Server operating systems and features Run as Service support. Unlimited camera installations and viewing connections are supported. Camera viewing controls include preset viewing options, customized layouts, and support for multiple monitors. A video server function provides remote viewing, from a browser, on mobile devices and computers.

Recording options include continuous, motion, and event trigger. Users can record a single video stream to multiple locations and can manage recordings by time or by storage space. A disk clean feature optimizes drive space. Archived video search and playback is offered in single camera or multi-camera modes. In single camera mode a convenient visual timeline displays continuous and motion recordings over time. Users can search archived video for motion within a specific window. Multi-camera search displays recorded video from all cameras for a given time. Bookmark specific times and move forward or backward frame by frame.


- Compatible with 80+ camera brands and 1,300+ camera models
- Unlimited camera support
- Run as Service support
- Advanced multi camera archived video search
- Advanced camera viewing and recording