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(Άσπρος) βάση CPU (MAC mini Secure Mount)

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Tryten T5425US Λευκός (Άσπρος) βάση CPUMac Mini Security Mount, 470 g, White

The Security Mount is ideal for:
- Classrooms and Computer Labs
- Digital Signage Systems
- Interactive Whiteboards
- Kiosks / Retail Displays
- Any Mac Mini with OS X Server
- Every 2010 - 2012 Mac Mini Sold!

Each Kit Includes:
- 1 x Aluminum Mac Mini Security Mount
- 1 x High-Security Keyed Lock
- 2 x Keys for included Lock
- 4 x Wood Screws for Wall/Desk Mounting
- 4 x Machine Screws for Vesa/Monitor Mounting
- 1 x User Guide

Easy to Mount, Lock & Unlock!
The Mac Mini Security mount is the simplest mount on the market to install while providing the highest available security for your Mac Mini. The mount is equipped with 8 mounting holes allowing you to secure to any flat surface including the back of a monitor with standard 75 or 100 VESA mount hole pattern. You can safely secure the mount to a wall, underside of a desk, side of a cabinet or even the ceiling (for those that want to be different) using the included wood screws.

Once you've secured the mount, simply slide your Mac Mini into the mount, hook up the cables and attach the included lock. Attaching the lock is easy, just line it up with the small round locking hole and rotate the key clockwise until tight. To unlock it, insert the key into the lock, turn counter-clockwise until the lock is removed and slide the Mac Mini out.

Premium Aluminum Protection
Our Mac Mini Security Mount is made of an extremely high grade Aluminum. The material was selected and constructed specifically to ensure that your Mac Mini will never overheat. The stiff aluminum also resists prying and twisting making theft virtually impossible. The design gives you full access to the power button and important USB, HDMI & Ethernet ports at the back while ensuring that the RAM and other internal components of the computer can't be accessed while locked. Basically, you can now mount your Mac Mini anywhere making sure it isn't damaged or stolen without sacrificing access or esthetics.

High-Security Lock Included
You may not be aware of this, but only the Tryten Mac Mini Mount actually includes the lock! The competitors require that you purchase a lock separately at your own expense. Not only do we include a lock, we include a High-Security anti-pick solid-steel premium lock (that's a lot of adjectives for one lock). With 7 active pins and a dummy pin, we've included every security feature available into a small lock. You don't need to worry about someone with a ballpoint pen getting your Mac Mini, it isn't going anywhere once it's in our mount.

Custom Keying Options
For those that are rolling out a fleet of Mac Mini computers into their labs, schools or across their company and don't want a complex key management system, we've got you covered. Each Mac Mini comes with two keys that will only work with that one mount. For a few dollars you can add a master key that will open all of the mounts you buy. For those that want an even simpler solution, 1 key to rule them all, we can provide keyed-alike locks as a part of a custom order. For more info on the keying options, give us a call at 1-800-860-4455 and press 1 for sales.

Cable Lock Optional
Most computers, and until a few years ago even the Mac Mini, have the option of being locked with a cable lock. Cable locks aren't as secure as a mount but they do provide the convenience of mobility and flexibility. While the latest models of the Mac Mini don't support a cable lock, the Tryten Mac Mini Security Mount does. Our Laptop Lock Pro fits the mount like a glove and comes with three keying options: Keyed-Different, Keyed-Alike and Master-Keyed. If you've purchased a bunch of our competition's cable locks (you're forgiven), they may even work with the mount. Unfortunately we can't guarantee that every laptop lock under the sun will work - as they do come in a large variety of sizes - but we've tested ours and a few other common locks to make sure they work.

Zero WiFi Signal Loss
We all love that Apple includes WiFi and Bluetooth in every Mac Mini. In fact we love it so much we made sure to pay it forward in the design of our mount. On the underside of every mount are two openings that line up with the WiFi antenna to make sure that nothing stands between you and lightning fast broadband speeds. You can mount the Mac Mini facing forward or backward if you like, it makes no difference. We've run countless speed tests and if you're using a Tryten mount, you're ready to fly.